5 movie characters we can all relate to

5 movie characters we can all relate to

Everyone watches movies because we’re a society obsessed with stories. We need to tell them, and we need to experience them. We’re so obsessed with them that we spent $11.3 billion at the box office last year alone. But, what makes movies special to us is when we see a character on the screen that we can relate to. It helps us feel like we’re not alone.

Here are five movie characters that we can all relate to:

1. Andy Sachs—The Devil Wears Prada

Half of the reason The Devil Wears Prada was so successful is because of Anne Hathaway and her performance as Andy Sachs. (The other half is because of Meryl Streep and her “that’s all”).

We’ve all felt like fish out of water just struggling to get by, and then, one day, we just own it, and the world is ours—even if it’s only for a few moments.

2. Iris Simpkins—The Holiday

At some point in our lives, we have all been Iris Simpkins. Her storyline was one of the most rewarding. Everyone has experienced unrequited love and it’s just awful. But when Iris comes into her own, gains her gumption, and takes charge of her life, it reminds us all that we can do it too.

3. Phil—Groundhog Day

While we wish we couldn’t relate to Phil, we all can. Sometimes, life feels like it’s just the same thing on repeat, which is depressing. But, have no fear because even if it feels like that now, just like Phil, it won’t be like that forever.

4. Loki—Thor, The Avengers

Bad boys are sexy, and Loki is no exception. You might not think you can relate to Loki, but let’s be real; at some stage in life, you’ve either wanted to be the bad boy, date the bad boy, or save the bad boy.

5. Jyn Erso—Rogue One

Even if you don’t have your own drama, you can always get caught up in someone else’s, which is what happened to Jyn Erso. While we hope we never have Jyn’s story conclusion, we’ve all had times where we’ve felt that someone else’s drama was going to be the end of us.

There are thousands of relatable characters in movies, but these five top our list because of their wide appeal and relatable struggles.

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