15 TV shows we all want to live in

15 TV shows we all want to live in

Sometimes the real world is too much to deal with. If you’ve ever wanted to escape reality and join your favorite TV characters in their adventures, it’s probably been about one of these 15 shows.

1. Outlander

Minus all the fighting and killing. But we’re totally down to live in 18th century Scotland if it means getting ourselves our own Jamie Fraser!

2. Lost

The whole getting deserted on an island isn’t so chill, but abandoning all responsibility sounds pretty great right about this point.

3. Community

If getting a post-secondary education was this easy, we’d be up for it!


4. Riverdale

To give all of your childhood nostalgia life. We’d kill for one of the milkshakes at Pop’s!

5. House of Lies

Being on a fierce team of cutthroat management consultants at the top of their game would be pretty rad. We’ll take that million-dollar paycheque while we’re at it as well, thanks.

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