10 songs that came out 10 years ago that will make you feel really old

10 songs that came out 10 years ago that will make you feel really old

It feels like it was just yesterday that Facebook was just starting to become popular, the first iPhone dropped for $399, and Michael Jackson was still alive. Oh 2007, it was a simpler time. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the glory days of the 2000s, then these 10 songs will likely make you feel old af.

1. Umbrella – Rihanna

Before all the Chris Brown and Drake drama, Riri was dropping some seriously rad bangers that still make you want to get up and shake it. If you hear this song come on in the club, who even are you if you don’t react with “OMG this was my jaaaaam!”

2. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race – Fall Out Boy

Giving life to your cringe-worthy emo days, Fall Out Boy was the definition of teenage angst. Looking back, you were nobody if you didn’t have side bangs and Fall Out Boy blasting out of your iPod Shuffle.

3. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

With Chester Bennington’s passing earlier this year, it makes this throwback that much more special. In 2007, Linkin Park released one of their most famous songs, What I’ve Done. RIP Chester; you will be missed but your music will forever live on.

4. Kiss Kiss – Chris Brown

Back before Chris Brown was a domestic abuser, he was every 13-year-old’s dream man. Boy can sing, boy can dance; was there anything he couldn’t do? We know your bedroom walls used to be plastered with posters of Chris Brown, and really, whose weren’t?

5. Party Like a Rockstar – Shop Boyz

I had never heard of the Shop Boyz before Party Like a Rockstar, and I’ve never heard of them since. However, if I was going to be famous for one song, I would hope it was something as epic as Party Like a Rockstar.

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