Top 5 easy DIY projects you won’t fail at

Top 5 easy DIY projects you won’t fail at

DIY projects always look so fun and easy when you’re looking at them on Pinterest. You immediately start thinking, “If they can do it surely I can as well.” Sometimes that thinking leads you to disaster and you end up with a #pinterestfail. The following are easy DIY projects you won’t fail at; we promise.

1. Hanging shelf

For this DIY project, you need a piece of wood, a drill, and some thick string or rope. Drill four holes (two per side) in the wood, and feed the string through the holes tying knots at the bottom. Then hang the shelf from the ceiling or on the wall.

2. Light bulb terrarium

All you need are some light bulbs, gravel, a little fake plant, and some string. Unscrew the bottom of the bulb and remove the filament. Then put the gravel and plant in. Put the bottom of the bulb back on and hang it from the ceiling for a great aesthetic.

3. Pillow covers

Have throw pillows that need new cases, but don’t know how to sew? You can make new ones just by folding fabric. Buy some fabric that’s big enough to wrap your pillow in. Wrap it like you would a Christmas present. Tie the ends of the fabric into a funky knot or bow. It’ll give your pillows a unique and fun look. If you find the fabric isn’t staying in place properly you can hot glue the edges down.

4. Paint the radiators

If you’re looking to spruce up a room, but don’t want to paint the walls, what about painting the radiators, or an equally interesting piece of the room? It’ll give the room some pop, it won’t take long to do, and guests will always comment on it.

5. Instagram cards

Are you always envious of the cards you receive? Make your own cards using your Instagram photos! Just print off your photos onto card stock and create your own personalized cards that also share a memory. It’s thoughtful, easy, and you’ll receive so many compliments.

DIY projects are all the rage, but people can get frustrated quickly with them because they turn out to be harder than expected. These five easy DIY projects are ones that you’ll be able to complete quickly and successfully. They’ll bring a new vibe into your house and draw compliments from everyone who sees them.

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