The best street art in the world you just have to check out

The best street art in the world you just have to check out

Street art is one of those things that brings character to a city. It shows everyone that the city has a vibrant culture and community. It’s something that residents can take pride in. Street art is also a great tourist attraction. People love to look at art, and the best part about street art is that it’s free. Here is some of the best street art in the world that you just have to check out.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City has some of the best street art in the world. They have many different public murals that have historical significance. It’s a great way to immortalize and teach residents about their history. Plus, since they’re murals, they’re completely free to look at. To get the murals painted there was a plan put in place called “All City Canvas” which allowed artists to get the correct permits and they worked with the government to ensure this project got off the ground. The results are completely outstanding.


Angoulême, France

Angoulême, France is probably not high on many people’s travel lists – in fact, we’re going to bet that you’ve never actually heard of the town until you read this post. The town is home to the European School of Visual Arts, and many of its students practice their arts in large formats – such as on a building wall. The city is, therefore, a huge gallery exhibit of different artists working on their art and the results are stunning.

Montreal, Canada

Every year the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada hosts a Mural Festival. The festival happens in June, but work is produced year round (even in the winter). A lot of the murals have some kind of political bend. Sometimes the murals make fun of local politicians, bring attention to a decaying building or some social issues that the community is going through. Walking through Montreal, you’re always surprised when another mural pops up at you. They make a walk more interesting and sometimes longer just because you’re stopping to look at murals every few minutes.

Berlin, Germany

You might not have thought of Berlin as being a city with a lot of street art, but it’s actually one of the best. A lot of the street art is around the site where the Berlin Wall used to stand. There are many different sections with art, but the most famous one is the East Side Gallery. The East Side Gallery is a 4,317-foot long section of the wall and has anonymous street art all over it. One of the more controversial pieces is the one featured here, which is titled “My God, Help Me Survive This Deadly Love.” While the site is available for anyone to paint on there are rumors that the local council has taken down some art that it deemed to be too controversial.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina is another city with some amazing street art that you can go and see. There are many different tours that you can take throughout the city to show you the art. Artists in Buenos Aires started producing street art in the 1990s and since then it’s just taken off. In 2015, Alfredo Segatori painted Argentina’s longest mural at 21,528 square feet. You can see it on the shores of the Matanza-Riachuelo River.

Part of the reason that street art has thrived in Buenos Aires is that there are a lot of empty buildings and there are lax restrictions on street art. The art has become a huge tourist attraction over the years, and now people commission artists to paint the sides of their buildings.

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